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Meeting the Chief

Posted on 16 Jan 2024 @ 12:13 by Chief Petty Officer Tenai Pex & Petty Officer Third Class Maralina Gifford
Edited on on 16 Jan 2024 @ 12:36

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Mission: The Leo
Location: Intelligence office
Timeline: 02 MAR 2393, 1200

Maralina had spent her trip from Headquarters to her new assignment, reading up on the past missions of the Leo and the various contacts that they had been involved in and what her job might look like. She stepped through the hatch into the room and looked around for a moment taking in the entire setting. She looked around for Chief Pex to introduce herself.

Tenai had arrived on the ship only a few hours prior, as in most intelligence offices they were similar. He found his desk and sat down looking through the extra Leo information he had not gotten the chance to look at. The Leo wasn't huge, but sometimes the smallest ships did the most important missions. Tenai was just finishing his reports when he saw someone entering the suite. He got up and walked out of the office with a smile on his face.

"Hello Petty Officer, how can I help you?" he asked.

Marlina stepped forward "Reporting for Duty, Chief." She said as she handed over her transfer orders. "IS3 Marslina Gifford" She added

Pex looked at the orders seeing that everything was in order for the transfer. He skimmed through the information twice to make sure he hadn't missed anything. After his satisfaction was achieved he smiled "Welcome to the ship, Petty Officer. Is there any question you have that I can answer?"

"Do we have any idea of our current mission?" She asked, fully aware of the tensions that were present "What can you tell me about our Commanding Officer. I read what I could...but I have limits" She said with a wry smile

Tenai shrugged "I am to meet with them in about an hour, but other than what's been provided in service records I cannot provide more information yet."

Marlina nodded "Understood." she said with a grin "What would you like me to start working on while you are in your meeting?" she asked eager to get started and settled in to her work station on board

Tenai thought for a minute. "Look into any of the analysis that the ship has from prior events and see if the format fits the main intelligence guidelines. I want to make sure that all Intel we produce from the ship is the best."

Marilana nodded "I'll get started.". She said and waited for Tenai to dismiss her. She was trying to get off on the right foot.

Tenai could tell she was trying to impress, but it would not be until a true task comes that his evaluation would begin. "You are dismissed Petty Officer."

Marlina nodded and turned on her heel and headed toward a work station where she could start compiling the information that she had been asked to obtain. She hoped that it was in some semblance of order. She didn't want to have to recreate the wheel when it came to trying to decipher the information as some intel people she knew, took very shoddy notes and their documentation in the computers was sometimes even worse than their written notes.

Tenai was pleased with the information the Petty Officer had provided to him. She seemed like she was going to be a good fit to the ship and to his team. He smiled as he turned to depart for a meeting with the Captain.


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