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Sickbay: A Tour

Posted on 23 Mar 2024 @ 16:30 by Lieutenant Commander Heather Kowal & Petty Officer First Class Tavish Konicek

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Mission: The Leo
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: 01 MAR 2393

Heather had completed her tour of the ship with the Senior Chief, the man who was her right hand man as Chief of the Boat, and also the ship's Operations Chief. She had met remarkably little of the crew with those aboard busy going about actual work or apparently aboard the station or having yet to report in. She knew that would change over the next few days once she took command officially but she was somewhat disappointed.

On completion of the tour she offered to show herself out and just as she was nearing the door to the crew's mess approaching the airlock a man clad in teal entered the ship. As they approached each other she saw the rank of Petty Officer First Class and having gone over her roster knew that made him the ship's senior Corpsman.

"HS1," she said, with a smile. "Commander Kowal, I'm the new CO, how are you?" she asked, in hopes the man would have a few to further entertain her need to press herself on the ship sooner than intended.

Tavish had gotten his new position and assignment on board the USS Leo after a few days downtime spent meandering SB-157. He was glad to finally be back at work, or at least as much work a skeleton crew of medical staff could accomplish whilst not actively out exploring the depths of space. He had been wandering the halls, ensuring that he understood the deck layout of the ship should they find themselves without the ability to beam. He also needed to ensure he knew where his kit was at all times whilst deployed with his team of Marines. Tavish exited the crew's mess, only to find himself face to face with pips clad in red.

Though introductions were made swiftly, Tav still took the moment to salute the rank. "Welcome on baord, commander. Petty Officer Konicek, ma'am." His hand snapped down as he resumed a slightly more relaxed stance. He tried not to take too much notice that the new commander was...younger than he imagined when the scuttlebutt had come down they were going to be meeting their new CO. "Well thank you. Interested to see what a full compliment's going to look like. How's the tour been so far?"

"I just finished, but, I'm happy to have a more expansive tour of the sickbay and hear your thoughts on the ship and this new assignment if you've time?" Heather said, offering.

Tavish nodded, "Of course, I've got nothing currently on schedule." He stilled himself for a moment, having to mentally reorientate himself from having come out of the crew's mess before gesturing with a nod toward where they needed to start walking. "I was going to head back towards the sickbay, so this works well for the both of us it seems."

"I don't want to impose," Heather assured him, though somehow she doubted he'd take comfort in this statement. As much as it was something she tried to never do she couldn't help but acknowledge mentally that it was hard to tell the captain no even if they gave them the opportunity.

He shrugged, in lieu of completely waving off the inkling that it was imposing anything on his day. There was still the dynamic that she was the captain, and he was part of her crew.

"Not at all, ma'am."

He hooked his thumbs on his belt as he walked, nodding towards the skeleton crew who walked the halls just as much as they did. "How much have you seen of the sickbay already so I'm not repeating what's already been relayed." Tavish also saw this as an opportunity to get to know the captain, just as it was the other way around, to see whether he could pick her brains about the rest of the crew and the chain of command they'd be expecting as they would be given their new deployment on board the Leo.

"Senior Chief mentioned it existed and I stuck my head in as we passed," Heather said, with a shrug. "Tour is up to you." Heather stopped herself from making a self-deprecating remark about this not really being in her usual realm of comfort or understanding but thought better of it before she committed to it.

"Oh she exists alright." Tavish replied as he walked, soon enough turning down the corridor to the medbay. It was new and shiny, the perfect playground for a HS1 technician who was MARSOC attached to dirty up quickly. No doubt the vessel's maiden voyage would do that perfectly well by themselves. "Eyesore, ain't she?" He chuffed. "Right, so mainstay medbay, standard things you'd find back on Earth in their hospitals. Beds to accompany a large portion of the crew, isolation chambers at the back....a working coffee machine....unrelevant but least you know the team runs off caffeine. Cuppa?"

"No thanks," Heather said, "I've already had more than I should for the day. What is your biggest concern as our lead HS?"

Tavish took a moment to think about the question as he poured himself a cup of coffee and put the mug to his lips. "Probably if our mission runs over the course of the length that it is supposed to be and we run low on medical equipment to cope. Biggest concern. Though also having enough staff to keep this bay running efficiently at all times."

“I think that we are sufficiently staff given the size of the unit and the needs. We can adjust schedules as needed but the fact of the matter is that we will likely have a low need for medical in our day-to-day operations and if we run into a situation where we would become overwhelmed I’d have to imagine it would become an evacuation sort of situation. While I certainly appreciate we need to plan for a crisis situation but the fact of the matter is our unit is the size it is and we have to work with what we are designed and allocated for. It’s not as if I can just add a bunch more crew or equipment we couldn’t carry or support.” Heather sighed, it was a fine line on how to deal with these things. And frankly, she thought the HS1’s concerns were valid but also something that within the scope of their command was something they’d just have to figure out.

He shrugged, "Yeah, I can work with that." He slanted the Captain a look as she mentioned that they would have a low need for medical usage day-to-day. "You've worked alongside the Marines before, Cap?" Half-joking, half-truth. They were going to run bored sooner than later and they would be getting up to some mischief if he didn't try and keep them bandaged together with enough duct tape.

"It's what the simulation room is for, I suppose." He tacked onto the end as he thought about handling the training for a mass-evac sitauation to keep him fresh and on his toes.

"Well, take advantage of what we have on the starbase while you can then because we don't have any holo emitters aboard the ship. You'll have to practice the old fashioned way once we're underway."

Tavish nodded, "Thought as much." He shrugged as he looked around the med bay. "Guess I'd have to do it at some point."

He paused and considered for another moment.

"There anything that you'd expect from the medical team, Cap?"

"To do their jobs," she said simply. "What more could I ask?"


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