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Posted on 28 Mar 2024 @ 11:20 by Rear Admiral Duncan Hurroo

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Mission: The Leo
Location: Task Force 37 Headquarters

Operational Order

To: USS Leo (NCC-97170)
From: Commander, Task Force 37
Date: 19 MAR 2393, 0900

Classification: Secret

1. Situation:

The USS Leo is being ordered to get underway to conduct training and readiness operations for crew-vessel familiarization. The ship is to conduct border patrol and law enforcement operations at the discretion of the Commanding Officer as crew and vessel readiness allows.

2. Mission Objectives:

1) Check vessel readiness and report any mechanical and engineering casualties to Starbase 157 personnel for support on repairs unable to be made underway on return to SB157.
2) Conduct crew-vessel familiarization and make the crew operationally ready.

3. Execution:

1) USS Leo will depart Starbase 157 on 22 MAR 2393 at the commanding officer's discretion for training operations.
2) USS Leo will operate within sectors between Starbase 157 and Qualor along the Federation-Romulan border patrol area.
3) USS Leo will operate underway between 14 and 30 days at the discretion of needs by Commanding Officer.

4. Intelligence:

Routine intelligence sources are available via Task Force 37 Headquarters via USS Leo's Intelligence Detachment.

5. Communications:

Routine communications protocols are to be followed per Task Force 37 standard operating procedures.

6. Security:

Routine operational security measures.

7. Support:

Starbase 23 may support USS Leo operations during shakedown as needed. Homeport shall be utilized if possible.

8. Administration and Logistics:

1) Within 24 hours of returning to homeport, the engineering officer will make a full report to Task Force 37 Operations and Starfleet Engineering regarding the status of ship systems and mechanical readiness and the need for refit before the next operation.

2) The commanding officer will make a full report to Commander Task Force 37 on the command's operational and personnel readiness within 24 hours of returning to homeport.

9. Command and Control:

USS Leo will remain under the operational command and control of Task Force 37, and normal communication protocols will remain in place.

10. Appendices:

None included.

11. Authorization:

This order is authorized by the Commander of Task Force 37, Rear Admiral Duncan Hurroo.

**12. Distribution:**

- Task Force 37 Command Staff
- Commanding Officer, USS Leo
- Senior Staff, USS Leo
- Commanding Officer, Starbase 23
- Starfleet Command

13. Review:

This operational order is subject to review and modification as the situation evolves. Updates will be provided as necessary.

//Electronic Signature
Rear Admiral Duncan Hurroo
Commander, Task Force 37



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