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Doctor in the house

Posted on 15 Jan 2024 @ 21:50 by Lieutenant Commander Heather Kowal & Lieutenant Reggie McGowan

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Mission: The Leo
Location: USS Leo: Commanding officer's office
Timeline: 2 March 2393, 1015

Before he could properly start setting up sickbay he had to check in and provide his orders to the Commanding officer. Since he spent the last few years in training, this is the first time he reported in as an officer. But as usual uniform pressed, boots shined brass shined, it was built in. He stepped on the bridge and looked for his commanding officer.

The bridge was powered down in its secured mode the ship was not yet active so it didn't maintain a hot standby status. It was unusual for the bridge of a ship to be so devoid of such activity. A check with the computer, overhead, revealed that the Captain was in her stateroom. There was no ready room on the Leo the officers who had their own quarters had their offices combined inside with the exception of the CMO.

Once he got the information from the computer Reggie walked back to the turbolift and took it down to deck 2,

Near the small sick bay that would be his domain he walked over to the cabin which had a small legend identifying Commanding Officer He rang the chime and waited.

"Enter," Heather called when the chime went off at her door. She had yet to move aboard the ship and so everything was already prepared for a day's use as an office and not as her personal quarters. It was devoid of anything personal and at the moment there weren't even any bags, boxes, or other containers to show she'd brought a thing with her.

Reggie stepped in and started, "Good morning Captain."

"Welcome aboard, Doctor," she said, immediately knowing from the uniform which member of her new crew had just arrived. "Have a seat," she said, motioning to the chair alongside her desk which was against the bulkhead. "How was your trip out?" she asked, knowing he was coming from a school.

He took his seat, "Flight was smooth, Big change from the hospital, for sure."

"I can imagine," Heather said. "How do you feel about being out on your own?" she asked, assuming by his rank that he'd never been unsupervised or at a minimum never had a more senior attending to back him up if needed.

"I've handled things on my own as a Medtech, even acted as field medic for a few security insertions as a PO 3 had to handle things on my own, especially during the Dominion war. Only was in for the final two years but it was a real trial by fire."

"I didn't realize that you had previous enlisted experience," Heather said. "I've not had a chance to get through everyone's personnel records as you know we were sort of thrown together at the last minute I just got some of the notifications while I was traveling here," she explained. "For a command this small obviously staffing will be a large concern. You'll have yourself and two corpsman one of which will be attached to our MARSOC unit when deployed."

He nodded at that and made a small mental note, triage exercises and seeing how they can support that mission. At least it wasn't a huge crew to deal with in addition to the MARSOC operations, "Yes ma'am I just finished a trauma surgery fellowship before this posting, hopefully it won't be used." As much as the training was interesting, the cost to the patients was always a lot.

"I have no disagreement there," Heather said, with a solemn nod. "What is your biggest concern with the ship, the crew, your assignment at the moment? And are you familiar with our HS1?" she asked, who knew maybe they'd crossed paths before.

"I read his history on the flight in, I haven't worked with him before but I see he's also the Corpsman for the Marine detachment so I know his skills are sharp. Rest of the team looks skilled and I'll be setting up training to keep them sharp."

"Sounds good," the CO said, "make sure you get a good look at the sickbay and let me know if there's anything we need to know."

"Absolutely, I'll have a full write-up by the end of the business. If we need anything I'll put in the requisitions."

"Fantastic, nice meeting you, Doc," Heather said, rising from her seat to shake hands once more before turning the doctor to more important business.


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