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Meeting the New Skipper

Posted on 11 Feb 2024 @ 13:17 by Lieutenant Commander Heather Kowal & Chief Petty Officer Tenai Pex

753 words; about a 4 minute read

Mission: The Leo
Location: CO's Cabin, Deck 2
Timeline: 02 MAR 2393, 1220

Tenai had arrived to the ship as per his new orders. He still was unsure why he had been asked to transfer to the Leo, but when an order was given he obeyed it. He had made himself familiar with the Intel Suite before going to meet the captain per a meeting on his PADD.

He made his way surprisingly quick through the ship to the CO's Cabin, though it was on the same deck so that may have helped some. He chuckled before straightening his uniform and activating the chime at the door.

"Enter," Heather said, from her desk. She turned her chair toward the hatch to see who it was. When the doors parted and she realized she had not yet met the person on the other side she rose from her desk to greet them.

"Good afternoon, Captain! I am Chief Petty Officer Tenai Pex your new intel chief. I am excited to embark on this new journey and to see where the path takes us."

"Afternoon," Heather said, offering to shake the Chief's hand. "Welcome Chief," she said, an amused expression appearing on her face. Heather thought he was rather cheerful for an intelligence type or a chief in general. "It should be an interesting one. Have a seat,' she said, motioning toward the visitor chair that sat alongside her desk with the back to the bulkhead.

Tenai took the seat and changed his demeanor "Anytime I have been assigned to a ship for Intel detail I have always had interesting experience's. I can't say that's a good thing, but I am trying to believe this post will be different."

"Interesting isn't always bad," Heather shrugged. "We will have a Marine Special Operations unit that will be attached to the ship as well. So you and your team will have the opportunity to really analyze first hand information and handing it off to Task Force Command as the originator instead of just keeping track of information fed to us."

Tenai thought for a minute because this was not something he was used too. "I will have to adjust to that change because I have never had that opportunity before. I have extensive knowledge in analysis so it should be fairly simple to adjust too." He concluded trying to show he had been doing this for awhile.

"I'm sure it will be a nice change of pace for you," Heather said, a little worried that maybe her intelligence section wouldn't be well prepared. Though she would try and hold that judgement until there was actually some time for them to prove one way or another. "Another change is that as a department head on this ship I will expect you to qualify as Officer of the Deck. Have you ever served on the bridge in that capacity or any others?"

Tenai looked at the skipper and nodded "I have served on the bridge when the tactical officer was incapacitated and I was just in the right place at the time. I have no problem qualifying for Officer of the Deck." He concluded before grabbing the PADD he had with him. "Also here is the information for the department that I have found and the changes in the department that may be necessary. All in all the department had structure, but it seems they were not prepared for any gathering aspects. I am hoping that we can set ourselves apart from other ships in our class."

"I'm not sure what you mean?" Heather said, surprised that the intelligence department wouldn't be prepared to process the data it gathered. "With the marine team aboard who can gather intel in the field and the usual electronic and communications data we can obtain with the ships sensors it would seem fairly standard? A ship this size I don't think would normally have this detachment and I don't know that they generally do. I know some of them have a larger science capability than our ship."

Tenai thought a moment "My apologies. I misunderstood the information I saw. We will have no issue processing the information, but I guess seeing this ship is not like normal fleet ships this is a new experience for all of us. I do believe we will be able to do just what is needed."

"Gotcha," Heather said. "Well, why don't you get acquainted with your quarters, working space, and your department? If you need anything until we have an XO you can let me or the COB know."


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