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Lieutenant Reggie McGowan

Name Reggie McGowan

Position Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 43

Physical Appearance

Height 6'02
Weight 225
Hair Color red
Eye Color Green


Spouse Sarah Mcgowan
Children Thomas Mcgowan 10
Ellen McGowan 8
Father Thomas Mcgowan, Shipbreaker: Starfleet Dockyards
Mother Jennifer Mcgowan, Schoolteacher
Other Important Relations Rocky: 3 year old mixed breed dog

Personality & Traits

General Overview A generally calm and even-keeled man, who can be counted on in a scuffle, off duty he a friendly if standoffish individual who can be counted on for a sympathetic ear.
Hobbies & Interests Cooking, he is more the family cook, archery and several outdoor activities, boxing, and several martial arts, and fencing.

Personal History When he was born. his parents had been trying for years, and his mother told him many times that he was a difficult birth so he was their only child. When he wasn't getting into trouble he would try to follow his dad to work in the shipyards.

However, his mother's determination and his father's patience proved he was actually a pretty decent student and graduated. However rather than off to college he chose to enlist in Starfleet, and he was placed as a medical technician. He proved to be surprisingly good at his job, including stints acting as a field medic for Security boarding parties. During that time he met his now wife, and they were married in 2377 he was also encouraged by a young doctor to try for his MD. So for his time in Starfleet he took classes and obtained his Bachelor's degree and a commission. During his time as a medical Student, he came to express an interest in emergency medicine and after his residency and a trauma surgery fellowship he was posted as a Medical Officer on the new USS Leo.
Service Record 2371 Enlisted in Starfleet as a Health Technician
2373-2375: PO 3 USS Forrestal Medical technician.
2375-2379: PO 2 Stabase 151 Medical Technician Lab Assistant
2379: Starfleet Medical OCS: Commissioned as Ensign
2379-2383: University of Chicago School of Medicine Medical School Graduated MD GPA 3.92/4.0
2383-2387: Emergency medicine residency Starfleet Medical Center: Great Lakes Illinois
2387-2393: Trauma surgery fellowship King William V Hospital Brighton United Kingdom.
2393: Rank of Lieutenant Medical Officer USS Leo.