After the Hobus incident in 2387, the Romulan civilization fractured into two factions. The expansive but weakened Romulan Star Empire (RSE) and the newly formed Romulan Free State (RFS) are locked in a bitter cold war.

The RFS, which is developing into a progressive modern society, has pursued a cordial yet conservative relationship with the United Federation of Planets (UFP). Meanwhile, the RSE, amid a massive resource shortage following the Hobus incident, has closed its borders to all but a select few. While it battles to maintain the last visage of being a galactic superpower, reports of a fractured economy and societal collapse leak out via whispers of famine, piracy, and the rise of civil unrest.

Respective relations between the Federation and Klingons and the Federation and Romulan Free State remain at an all-time high. However, relations between the Klingons and both Romulan governments have deteriorated dramatically. While the RFS has not risen to the bait thrown at them by the Klingon Chancellor, skirmishes along the Klingon-RFS border are increasing. At the same time, the Romulan Star Empire and Klingon Defence Forces (KDF) launch regular guerilla attacks across each other’s borders, with some minor systems changing hands almost weekly.

Concerned that the Klingon-RSE relationship would escalate into another galactic war, the Federation, as independent arbiters of peace, have offered to send a peacekeeping force along the Azurean Corridor - the border territory between both Romulan’s states borders with the Klingon.

An agreement is reached between both sides that Starfleet will operate in the Azurean Corridor (the border territory along the Romulan/Klingon borders) as a neutral 3rd party - ensuring relations between the Klingons & two Romulan governments remain ‘cordial.’ Included in this agreement, the Federation gains access to the unexplored space beyond the corridor, named ‘Horizon Sector’ - where Starfleet is undertaking ‘New Exploratory Operations.’

The USS Leo, an Aquarius Class Light Escort, has been assigned to the Task Force 37 area of operations homeported at Starbase 157. Her mission is border patrol, law enforcement, and intelligence gathering along the Romulan-Klingon and Romulan-Federation borders.

The Leo is a small four-deck ship with a smaller crew of mostly Non-Commissioned Officers. With a focus on the Lower Decks feel and a tight-knit crew, the sim will explore heavily the life of the crew day-to-day as well as our missions.

The year is 2393, and the events of Star Trek: Picard are not considered as part of our canon.

All members must be eighteen years of age or older to join.


Latest News Items

» Secondary Characters

Posted on 17 Oct 2023 @ 10:09 by Lieutenant Commander Heather Kowal in Sim Announcement

The rules have been updated to include information on secondary characters:

Due to the small nature of the ship, the likelihood of knowing most of the crew is much higher. We encourage members of the crew to hold NPCs outside of the department of their main character and below the rank of E6. Rank and position exemption does not apply to the marine detachment except for the role of commander.

» Official Rules Created

Posted on 02 Oct 2023 @ 16:46 by Lieutenant Commander Heather Kowal in Sim Announcement

Community Rules

All members of the USS Leo are SPC Sims and must be members of our Discord server. All members must be eighteen or older and, by application, validate that their age is appropriate for this group.

Please respect all members of the SPC Sims Community. Refrain from engaging in discrimination, harassment, hate speech, etc. While we understand this is a community of 18+ members, we still expect all members to keep content of sexual nature, sensitive content, and discussions of violence within specific channels or, at a minimum, in public channels.

USS Leo Rules

1) All members must respond to joint posts within seventy-two hours or communicate with fellow members that this is not possible

2) Anyone who will be unavailable for a week or more should make a note in the #loa channel on Discord so members are aware that you are unavailable.

3) This is a story about a ship serving within a military organization, and all characters are expected to follow posted schedules, given orders, and conduct themselves as such in character. Any character who does not follow appropriate conduct IC is subject to the IC ramifications of such behavior.

4) Content created for the purpose of this sim will remain canon despite the membership status of the creator.

5) Characters will be removed at the convenience of the story in characters should a member resign and will be utilized as necessary as NPCs by the staff.

These can be viewed on the website anytime at https://leo.spcsims.com/index.php/main/rules.

» Now Open!

Posted on 13 Sep 2023 @ 21:02 by Lieutenant Commander Heather Kowal in Sim Announcement

The USS Leo is now open for applications! We are excited to begin working on developing our characters and our story. You may notice a couple of things that we'd like to address:

1) You'll notice that there are some departments missing. This is because the ship is small and therefore the crew is small as well. The USS Leo's operations department will be taking on the roles of Operations, Flight Control, Tactical, and Security. Medical will be taking on the roles of science.

2) You'll notice a lack of bigraphies. Most members of the crew at this point are long time members of SPC Sims and are quite famliar with the methods I use to run a sim and I trust them to build the characters without an application. They will have full bios soon but we're anxious to get to the writing. New members who are not currently a member of SPC Sims or haven't been formerly are asked to complete a full application.

3) We require all members to be a part of our Discord server and we recommend joining before placing an application. You can find the link to discord in our main menu. Additionally, we'd recommend going to #write-with-us and creating a help ticket under the Leo category to get in touch with the staff to help you through creating a character and the application process.

Welcome to Leo!

Latest Mission Posts

» Launch the Leo

Mission: The Leo
Posted on 28 Mar 2024 @ 11:20 by Rear Admiral Duncan Hurroo

Operational Order
To: USS Leo (NCC-97170)
From: Commander, Task Force 37
Date: 19 MAR 2393, 0900

Classification: Secret
1. Situation:
The USS Leo is being ordered to get underway to conduct training and readiness operations for crew-vessel familiarization. The ship is to conduct border patrol and law enforcement operations at…

» Reviewing files

Mission: The Leo
Posted on 25 Mar 2024 @ 9:55 by Petty Officer Third Class Maralina Gifford

Maralina sat down at the open computer; entered her credentials into the system and began pulling reports and running them through the most current formatting programs that had been released. If any corrections needed to be made, Maralina made those changes. From what she was seeing, most reports followed the…

» Sickbay: A Tour

Mission: The Leo
Posted on 23 Mar 2024 @ 16:30 by Lieutenant Commander Heather Kowal & Petty Officer First Class Tavish Konicek

Heather had completed her tour of the ship with the Senior Chief, the man who was her right hand man as Chief of the Boat, and also the ship's Operations Chief. She had met remarkably little of the crew with those aboard busy going about actual work or apparently aboard…

» The Lioness, Part II

Mission: The Leo
Posted on 11 Mar 2024 @ 16:54 by Lieutenant Commander Heather Kowal & Senior Chief Petty Officer Hamish McManus

"Lieutenant Commander Heather Kowal, reporting aboard," Heather announced to the watchstander. Who checked over the crew's manifest and list of arriving crew. When indicated, she placed her hand on the scanner that would prove her identity, and when it gave a pleased sound and turned green, she removed her hand.…

» Just a Quick Peak

Mission: The Leo
Posted on 11 Mar 2024 @ 16:47 by Lieutenant Commander Heather Kowal & Senior Chief Petty Officer Hamish McManus

After having a nice lunch with Loni and catching up on the past few years events, Heather checked into her temporary quarters aboard the station. She'd attempted to change into civilian clothes and had gotten her pants about halfway up when she reversed courses and switched back to uniform. She…